Hoseright has a custom built pressure testing enclosure to safely conduct ‘Proof pressure hold tests’. Our unit is capable of testing up to 1379 BAR (20,000 psi) and constructed of solid steel with a bullet proof viewing window. This unit has been specifically designed to be portable for easy relocation to conduct any remote or field testing. All of our testing is carried out in accordance to Australian standards AS1180.5 and Test reporting to International Standard ISO 1402.

What is hose pressure testing?

A hydrostatic pressure test is more commonly known as a ‘Proof pressure hold test”.

The procedure of filling the ‘Hose assembly’ with mediums such as water based fluids/glycol  or oil, then expelling all air out of the ‘Hose assembly’, isolating the valve and applying hydrostatic pressure at a uniformed rate of increase. The pressure is then measured with a Nata calibrated and certified gauge or pressure transducer.

The purpose of hose pressure testing

A ‘Proof pressure hold test’ compiles valuable information about a hydraulic and pneumatic hose. Details of product/brand, length, test pressure, orientation and type of couplings are recorded. Other specifics also checked such as cracking, leakage, abrupt distortions indicating manufacturing deformities or any other signs of possible failure. Part of this process is also to provide an identification number for easy traceability and replacement when the hydraulic or pneumatic hose has reached the end of its service life or has been damaged.

When installing tested products, this not only provides piece of mind to clients but can ensure minimum down time of their equipment. Critical applications where high pressure hydraulic lines are near personnel or walk ways, most projects will have in their scope to provide proof of testing or onsite testing to ensure safety of their workers.

Hose Pressure Test Benefits:

Major benefits of having your ‘hydraulic or pneumatic hose ’ hydrostatically tested are:

  • Ensure long service life for reliability and minimize any downtime
  • Traceability for any premature failure of products/materials/workmanship
  • Easy replacement and identification of hose assembly
  • Certified Test equipment used to conduct ‘Proof pressure hold test’

The Hoseright Pressure Testing Difference

The team at Hoseright offer a fast turnaround service on manufacturing and testing. We have specialised in-house facilities for testing with Nata certified and calibrated testing equipment. Adequate stock is carried for manufacturing hose assemblies used in the Mining, Drilling, Marine, Agricultural, Earthmoving, Construction, Transport, Oil and Gas industries. We also are available 24/7 for our valued customers that require immediate support.