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ADR Approved Brake & Clutch

Automotive Brake & Clutch Perth

We all like to feel safe when it comes to driving. That is why, at Hoseright we supply quality, ADR approved, Brakequip brand brake and clutch hose and fittings. Our skilled technicians make and pressure test all rubber and braided lines to Australian standards for all makes and models. You will be glad you stopped by.

Rubber Brake Hoses Perth

The standard rubber hoses that come standard with cars and bikes usually have a relatively short lifespan.

A typical lifespan for a rubber brake hose would be about 5-6 years. After that the can become strained, stressed and can become a danger hazard in the event of a real emergency stop situation.

Although brake hoses may appear okay still at the 6 year mark, and they may function fine in day-to-day driving situations, it’s when they are put under a lot of stress that the problems arise. Your hoses need to be in good working order in the event of a sudden stop.

The majority of braking systems that have boosted assisted brakes have pressures of approx 1500 psi.

Ensure your hoses are up to scratch. Come talk with the team at Hoseright and we’ll sort you out.

Braided Brake Hoses Perth

Want to ensure the highest level of safety when it comes to your car or motorcycle brakes?  Brakequip stainless steel braided brake hoses are becoming the safer, economical and enhanced option for brake hoses compared with traditional rubber hoses.

The cars today are much more powerful than ever. When you brake often it puts stress on the brakes and a brake hose failure can be disastrous, even fatal!

Brakequip Braided Hoses are the new industry standard and made with the finest quality Stainless Steel Braided tube. Here at Hoseright we can get your rubber hoses switched out with braided ones quickly and easily.

We have servicing options to suit everyone!

24 / 7 Mobile Service

Our fleet of fully equipped RYCO mobile hydraulic service vehicles are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week.

While You Wait Service

Bring your equipment to us for while-you-wait hydraulic servicing, repairs and sales. Over 15,000 items in stock.

On-Site Workshops

Ask about our fully equipped on-site hose and fittings service workshops. Perfect for regional WA.

Come visit our dedicated hose fitting facility at 3/15 Prindiville Dr, Wangara WA 6065

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